Why homemade?

From the time I found out I was pregnant I already made up my mind to make and freeze all of my future child’s baby food.

The advantages:

  • Know exactly what you’re feeding your baby.
  • It’s more economical than buying pre-packaged foods (although some parents note that this is not always the case).
  • You can choose your own fruits, vegetables, and other foods for purees, instead of relying on the flavors chosen by manufacturers. You’re not going to find melons or avocados in the baby food section of the supermarket.
  • It gets the baby used to eating the same food as the rest of the family — just in puree form.

The disadvantages:

  • Time. It takes time to make and prepare lots of little servings of homemade baby food. It’s much faster to pick up prepackaged servings.
  • Convenience. Prepackaged baby foods come in measured amounts and ready to serve.
  • Storage. Homemade baby foods may spoil more quickly and require refrigeration, which may take up room in your fridge or freezer if you make a lot of servings ahead of time. Prepackaged baby foods don’t need refrigerator storage until they’re opened.

My big deciding factor was that I would know what was going into my child’s food. A lot of store brought baby food is processed and contains preservatives. Since when could you leave a tub of last night’s dinner in you cabinet and expect it to be fresh the next day or a week later? With the help of modern technology like the Baby Bullet System time needed to prepare weeks worth of food is cut down. Also, storage has been made easier with INFANTINO ‘Fresh Squeeze: Squeeze Station.’

Infantino Fresh Squeeze Station

Infantino Fresh Squeeze Station

Baby Bullet

Baby Bullet


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