So today I tried out my brand new best bottom diapers and I LOVE Them!!! They not only make my twins bottoms look super cute but they are so easy to use. All I do is snap in an insert cover with a hemp liner and snap it on my nuggs (nuggets). Thats it! If they poop it lands on the liner and I just grab it and toss the whole liner into the toilet, poop and all. The liner prevents the poop from actually touching the insert which means no stains! When its time to change the insert I just snap it out, wipe out the shell with a baby wipe and snap in a new insert. It is so easy!

When I first decided to switch to cloth diapers my mother kept trying to tell me how hard it would be and how I won’t wanna deal with the cleaning of the diapers. Well she was wrong. I explained to her how much cloth diapers have changed and how the system I am going with works and she changed her opinion. Not only are these diapers super easy to use, but my twins are very comfortable in them as well.

Now that I am so satisfied with the results of my trial I am going to order more!!!

Isabel @ 6 months


Kenny 6 months



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