Time to find a brand…

After all of my research and bouncing from site to site I narrowed my search to  G Diapers or Best Bottoms. After talking to other mothers and Abby from Abby’s Lane I decided on Best Bottoms.

Best Bottoms’ shells can be wiped clean and their inserts snap in. They also tend to run big (from what I heard) and my daughter has a dunk. I decided not to go with G diapers because they have so many parts. You not only have the outside shell, which is all cloth, but a snap in water proof pouch and inserts. G diapers are not cheap and the accessories are not either. I rather just deal with a water proof shell and and insert and keep it moving. 

Since Abby’s Lane does not carry best bottoms I placed my order with Kelly’s Closet and received free shipping and 10% off my first order! However I did not stock up because I only wanted to give them a try. I simply ordered two shells and 6 inserts. Now to wait for my order to arrive…


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