I decided not to give up…

A few mothers suggested that I contact Abby’s Lane of Alexandria or Fluff-N-Stuff Baby of Waldorf for advice and to even take a cloth diapering class. So I did just that!

I visited Abby’s Lane website and read all the information on the Cloth 101 page. I had no clue there were soooo many various types of cloth diapering options after reading over all of the options I decided on All in Two’s (AL2) for a few reasons:

  1. The outer shells are relatively cheap compared to a pocket or AL1 diaper.
  2. The inside of the shell can be water proof and wiped clean. (meaning I will not have to change the whole diaper with every change just the soiled insert)
  3. Inserts can snap in and out. (so I won’t have to fumble around with pockets)
  4. Inserts cost about 4 dollars each!
  5. Manufacturers suggest about 3 inserts per shell and having about 6-8 shells.(that is not per day that is for full time use!!!!)

I am thinking that if I only go through about 2 shells a day per child with 6-8 shells each and 3 inserts each I would only have to wash every 3-4 days! This is a hell of a lot better then every single night. Now to find a brand that works best for the twins and I…


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